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Fraud Prevention

The best scenario when it comes to fraud is with prevention and deterrence. Often times the best of internal controls are beaten either through complacency or circumvention by people in a position of opportunity.

Focusing mainly on theft and embezzlement, any organization’s internal controls, financial policies and accounting procedures can fall victim to the deliberate acts of an employee, resulting in substantial loss to the organization.

Every employer should consider establishing primary defenses against the risk of employee theft and we can aid you in laying the foundation by assisting you to:

  • Document and distribute policies with regards to fraud
  • Build sound internal controls with checks & balances
  • Segregate employee duties and rotate financial responsibilities
  • Document your financial policies & accounting procedures
  • Rotate financial responsibilities periodically
  • Periodically sample policies, transactions and controls for compliance
  • Maintain adequate employee dishonesty insurance coverage

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